Wednesday, 17 December 2014

DIY Concealer

Good concealers in the markets are very costly and many people may not afford to buy it.I have come across a DIY concealer that even works better than store bought ones.This DIY mineral concealer is much safer and cheaper the chemical laden concealers in the markets.
Things you will need for this are:

Fogg delicious bodyspray for women review

I'm not a big fan of perfumes but I love this body spray because of its staying power and because of the complements I receive.I generally spray this on my clothes.One can use this spray on clothes as well as on body.This is however not the most gentle body spray as it contains alcohol as its main ingredient.It stays on my cloths all day long and mild fragrance remains on my cloths until I wash them.Pricing is very affordable and this body spray lasts long as well.
People often asks me what powder I have applied when I go out after spraying this on my cloths.
This bottle promises 800 sprays but no one has got the time to sit and count the number of sprays up to which it lasts.This however lasts me for months.
The packaging is quite cute.I love the raspberry colour of it which is very feminine.
I will definitely repurchase it and will recommend it to others as well.
Price: Rs.180.
Quantity: 100g/120ml.
Ingredients:Ethyl alcohol,perfume,DEP,propylene glycol,triclosan.
Alcohol (95%):content 89.05% w/w,contains 1% w/w diethyl phthalate.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Oriflame Very Me Cherry My Cheeks, Sweet Coral review

The shade is bright pink rather than being coral.The color stays on my oily skin for all day long,which is a big plush point.This is the first blush that stays on me for so long among all the other blushes I have ever used.The price is also quite affordable when compared to most blushes in the market.
The product is not totally matte.It contains very few shimmers which are not that visible.
One shouldn't use the product with heavy hand as the color is very dark and will make one look clownish.
The packaging is quite simple without any mirror or brush.This product is very small,so it can easily taken in purse.But taking a brush becomes necessary as one cannot apply it with her fingers.There is also no place inside the container for keeping any brush.The size of the product is also so small that any brush won't fit in it.
Getting it might not be a problem if you don't know any Oriflame agents,as you can easily get it online.But you may have to pay a bit extra if you buy it online and you might not get any discount on the product given by Oriflame.But even if one buys the product on M.R.P.,the product will still be very affordable.It costed me Rs.325only on Amazon.The current pricing there is Rs.379.

Nivea pearl and beauty anti-perspirant roll on review

Hello beauties!Today i'll be reviewing Nivea pearl and beauty anti-perspirant roll on.I have been eyeing this product since long and I'm glad that I purchased it.
The packaging is of a typical roll on.It comes in a glass bottle with a white ping pong ball at it's mouth.Sorry!Couldn't find any better way to explain it.
The texture is very thin lotion type.It hydrates the skin of my armpits without making them oily or sticky.The fragrance is very mild flowery.
It controls underarms sweating and smelling to a great extent.My underarms doesn't have smelling problem but it keeps them fresh and smelling good for long.The fragrance is not at all over powering,one cannot smell it even from a little far.
It never irritated my underarms skin.
It also provides a little glow to the armpits after application.But it doesn't lighten the skin tone of the armpits.
Please comment down below if you have any questions about this product. Thanks for reading!

Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Powder Compact

Revlon Touch and Glow Moisturising powder compact

After I got disappointed with the Maybelline matte compact,I decided to give this compact from Revlon a try.I bought it from Flipkart on discount for Rs.374.This makes the product quite affordable and pocket friendly.
The packaging is simple black and has got quite a big mirror inside it.
It has got a soft floral fragrance which goes away few minutes after application.
It comes in four shades-Gold matte,Ivory matte,Natural matte and Rose matte.I bought the shade Ivory matte.It suits my olive skin tone very well.
The powder is very soft in texture and blends easily into the skin.It gives a matte finish instead of providing hydration.
I have extremely oily skin,but it suits me both during winter as well as in summer.It doesn't keep my skin extremely matte but controls oil to a certain extent.
The puff provided with it is very soft but it doesn't last long.It teared off very easily instead of me being gentle with it.
I love the compact but I wish it had more oil controlling power.A must try for all.
Quantity provided: 12 grams.
Actual Price:440.
Swatches :)

Sunday, 2 November 2014

l'oreal go 360 degree clean facewash review

This facewash coming from a brand like l'oreal made me have high expectations from it.I had decided to spend a little extra for buying a good facewash.This facewash has 2% salicylic acid,so I had expected it to help my excessive oily and acne prone skin.Not only did it fail to cure my acne,it increased the problem a bit.At first I started using it twice a day and then when it didn't work I started using it thrice,but nothing helped.I even tried leaving it on my face for a while before rinsing it off but it didn't work as well.After using it for about a month there is still half of the facewash left.I have decided to throw it away.
But there are few things I like about this product.This facewash is very refreshing and gives tingling cool feeling while applying it on my face and upto about 5minutes after using it.I like the packaging and the soft scrubber attached to it.The cap could have been better.It is a bit difficult to open but I have never seen any leakage of product.I love the idea of attaching the scrub with it which saves it from getting misplaced.I have decided to keep the bottle with me and pour inside it any facewash I'll use next.
Enough quantity for the price which will last for about 2/3months easily.
The smell of the facewash is also very mild and refreshing.
It didn't dry out my skin,but it might not suit very dry skin.